Monday, July 12, 2010

June 1 2007 Belgian Farmhouse Ales Beer Tour - at Bouillon

Today was explore Bouillon day. Bouillon lies close to the French border, deep in the south of the Belgian province of Luxembourg. The fortified castle was once owned by Godfry of Bouillon, leader of the first crusade to Jerusalem in the year 1096.  We "opened up" the castle at 10AM as several of us were first in line.  The only other visitors on this rainy day were a group of school children.

Godfry's Castle

Local Supermarket

After lunch in town, and shopping at the beer store (all Belgian beers) we went on a kayak trip about 20km down the Semois River.  What a blast, it rained the entire time, we were soaked and fought each others paddle strokes almost the whole way.  With all the zig-zagging we probably went 30km!  At the end not only was our ride back there (the owner of the kayak rental company), but a superb Belgian barbeque (cooked by the owners wife) complete with many many assorted Belgian brews!  Yummy!

Night was dinner in town with what else but local beer.
The Hotel Cosy was up on a hill and it was quite a climb to go home after being on the town.

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