Sunday, July 11, 2010

Belgium & France Farmhouse Ales Beer Tour May 27 2007

After much too long at the local bars last night, we managed to drag ourselves onto the bus early in the morning to go to another super Artisinal brewery in the Flanders area.

The Brasserie THIRIEZ in Esquelbecq.  Wow, what a tour, the owner/brew-master has upped the technology and is automated things where he can.  Great beers, especially at 10 AM.

Brasserie THIRIEZ
Brasserie THIRIEZ - talking to the Brewmaster

To Mont Cassel, France

Lunch at 'T Kasteelhof, Estaminet Flamand, Mont Cassel, France, the highest point in the area and important in WWII.

Local Memorial to WWI & WWII Soldiers.
Walking around Mont Cassel, France

Then on to Brasserie Beck, near Bailleul, France - true farmhouse ales and super small.  Open a short time on weekends for meals only, mainly for the locals (and lucky us on this weekend).  Back to Bailleul,  for another night at the Belle Hotel.

Beck Brewery

Hop Fields at the brewery

Above the brewery for dinner

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