Sunday, July 11, 2010

Beer Tour - May 26 2007

After an early start from Brussels we went to visit Brasserie a Vapeur, a small artisan steam powered brewery that opens once a month to the public.  After a personal tour, we were treated to a lunch of delicious meats and cheese and of course the brew master's prized beer.  He gave us bottles to take home from his stash of well aged brew.  Yummy.

Then on to De Dolle Brewery in Belgium, and a great tour by the brewer's mother; what a character!  Their beer can be found in the US for about $5 for a small (10oz) bottle!

Next to Westvleteren, brewed by Monks and managed to snag a few 6 packs to share on the bus.

After enjoying their super, never sold anywhere beer, it was to our hotel for the night, the Belle Hotel in Bailleul, France.

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