Monday, July 12, 2010

Belgium & France Farmhouse Ales Beer Tour May 28 2007

Brasserie La Choulette Brewery was our first stop after checking out of the Belle Hotel in Baileul.  Look at the condensation in the brewery!  The host at the brewery didn't speak any English, so we had to use Mike to translate.  He was great, but the beer was better!

Brasserie La Choulette

On to Lunch at this wonderful brewery near the French border - Bailleux Au Baron.  Full of locals enjoying food from a wood fired oven and delicious beer.

Au Baron

Brasserie de BLAUGIES

What a fun time - when we arrived all was quiet in the main restaurant, but the open room building was packed with locals - no longer a surprise that we were the only "outsiders" visiting these breweries.

The Brewery area

The local country dancers - Wild Coyote Club - dancing to english (american actually) music sung in French.
We made quite a dent in the beer supply. 

End of the day, they don't look like they are drinking much beer.  Maybe ready for the ride home.

On to Tournai, Belgium and the Hotel D'Alcantara.  There was a celebration going on in the town square, but absolutely no one from our group went on any rides, especially the Ferris wheel.

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