Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Brussels to Amsterdam June 3 2007

We caught the train after checking out of our Brussels hotel.  It was an easy walk to the station from the hotel and we had purchased tickets the day before.

The train station in Amsterdam is downtown, and we found the correct commuter train (more of a light rail with overhead power lines) fairly easily and in about 10 minutes were at the hotel.

We found the door under our  hotel name sign, got buzzed in and climbed two flights of stairs to check in.

So many European hotels are actually in the upper floors of unsuspecting buildings containing restaurants, shops and bars, etc. on the ground floors. 

We went for a walk to explore the area and do some geocaching along the way.  

This one was at the official datum point for Amsterdam.

Saw the Anne Frank House Museum, which was very moving.

Had a great tasting beer at the windmill brewery, Brouwerij 'tIj.

Lots of canals, as expected.

Ate dinner close by the hotel and had an early evening. 

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